Forest: Buy the Original

Forest Group is a well-known producer of high quality drapery hardware systems. The branded products and its services are awarded worldwide with an excellent reputation. Unfortunately there are also counterfeiters who simply copy the systems and offering them as original Forest products. How can you distinguish original Forest products from fake products? And why are original products better? We are happy to explain it to you.

The Original Facts

All Forest products are registered and marked with logo’s. Forest packaging will of course prominently feature the Forest logo, which always marks all our products as being the genuine ‘real deal’.

When you buy the original products you can count on the following securities:


  • 100% high quality aluminium extrusion

  • Chromated

  • High pressure powder coated

  • Lubricated to improve the gliding of carriers with patented lubricant

  • Can be curved in virtually every shape or angle

  • 10 Year Guarantee


  • Clickable carriers on break-away strip

  • Running smoothly

  • Carriers and click end-stops are UV-proof, strong synthetic material

  • Smart Klick ceiling bracket

  • 10 Year Guarantee

How to distinguish real from fake

To help you distinguish original and fake Forest products, we've listed a few examples. Always look for these details before buying Forest curtain tracks to assure you get the 'real deal'.